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Costs of Poor Mental Health

Deloitte (2022) in its report, ‘Mental health and employers: The case for investment -pandemic and beyond’ states that

51% of all employees felt their employer did not support mental health adequately

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Estimated total cost of poor mental health in the UK is £56bn

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MindHug adjusted estimated total cost of poor mental health in the UK is £78.50bn

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Deloitte is prudent in assuming turnover costs to be 40-50% of the salary of the employee.

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MindHug estimates that the true turnover cost is closer to

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The salary of the employee and up to for high-performing employees.

This is particularly true in the face of the pandemic where mental health has worsened by in the workforce.

Furthermore, these numbers do not account for some ancillary “knock-on” costs. To illustrate this, poor mental health, stress and anxiety can increase the risk of:

Deloitte (2022), estimates the Return on Investment (ROI) on mental wellbeing

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Investing as little as £20 per employee per month in the right solutions could reduce the total mental health burden of a company by 50%. Additionally, the solutions will pay for

MindHug Concierge Offer

A motivated and friendly relationship manager who will be an extension of your wellbeing team. They will go that extra mile to help in planning, designing and implementing your wellbeing strategy

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Tailor made training, workshops and events for your organisation's needs. On the off-chance that we do not have a solution you need - we will try our hardest to build it from the ground up

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40% discount on every workshop, training, event and add-on service booked through us. 40% discount on our Digital App once live

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An annual wellbeing audit and organisation wide survey Ancillary “knock-on” benefits would include increased innovation, loyalty and brand value.

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  • Assumes an average UK salary of £31,447 (ONS)

  • themselves, if for every 500 employees they prevent even 1 single high performer from leaving the company.