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Why Invest in Mental Wellbeing?

According to a Deloitte study in 2020, the total annual cost of poor mental wellbeing to UK businesses was £42billion. To put it another way, that’s the equivalent of £1716 for every single employee in the country.

Many of us are aware of the growing need for mental wellbeing solutions and we’re equally aware of the inevitable impact on UK businesses. However, it’s not really until you consider the effect on a business's bottom line, that the magnitude of the problem really becomes apparent.

Pie Chart of Absenteesim, Staff Turnout Cost and Presenteesim
Staff Turnout Cost
£26.6 B
£6.8 B

The study also found that for every £1 spent on an employee's mental wellbeing, a business could expect a return on average of £5: that’s an investment return ratio of 5:1. Here’s some other interesting findings:

Investment in reactive mental health support: ROI 3:1
Investment in preventative mental health support: ROI 5:1
Investment in organisational culture & awareness training: ROI 6:1


Our Service

With our unique combination of therapeutic solutions, we provide a highly adaptable service, based on our free company wellbeing audit and performance reviews. This allows you to see what’s really going on with your employees, meaning you can tailor therapeutic solutions to best suit their needs. Our service also adapts to work independently or alongside any existing wellbeing strategy you might have. In addition, we also offer workshops, events and retreats, covering areas such as resilience, gratitude and leadership.

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