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Why organisations need to invest in mental wellbeing?

51% of all employees felt their employer did not support mental health adequately*

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Estimated total cost of poor mental health in the UK is £56bn*

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MindHug adjusted estimated total cost of poor mental health in the UK is £78.50bn

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*Deloitte (2022) in its report, ‘Mental health and employers: The case for investment -pandemic and beyond’ states that

Deloitte prudently assumes employee turnover costs to be 40-50% of the salary of the employee.

Our research estimates that the true employee turnover cost can be as high as 400% of the annual salary for high performing employees

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Furthermore, these numbers do not account for other ancillary costs. To illustrate this, poor mental health, stress and anxiety can:

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Deloitte (2022), estimates the Return on Investment (ROI) on mental wellbeing spend can be as high as 6:1

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We estimate that investing as little as £20 per employee per month in the right solutions could reduce the total mental health burden of a company by 50%. 

Benefits of MindHug Concierge


A motivated and friendly relationship manager who acts an extension of your wellbeing team 

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Discounted solutions workshops, trainings, events and add-on services - including our digital app

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Annual wellbeing audits and pulse surveys to understand your organisation's wellbeing needs

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Tailor made solutions, training, workshops and events for your organisation's needs

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