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Who We Are And Our Story

Like so many mental health stories: ours begins with a struggle.

Lived experience guides us...

After facing a series of significant mental health challenges in his own life, our founder, Raj, channelled his experience and energy into tackling the issue head-on.

He was determined to dedicate his work to helping as many people as he could, but couldn’t shake the idea that something about the way we approach anxiety, depression and other conditions was deeply, systemically broken.

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Research validates us...

Through extensive academic research, it quickly became clear to Raj that, in a world that demands so much of us, we are still only just beginning to scratch the surface of understanding mental health – and how to protect and manage it. Yet so often people around the world reach for the same off-the-shelf counselling and medication programmes.

Choice and Personalisation drives us...

How could we expect to provide the best individual care without playing with a full deck? Could we really expect to prevent these conditions from deteriorating, or even happening in the first place, without crafting bespoke therapy treatments that as unique as the minds they care for?

At that moment, MindHug was born.

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Innovation differentiates us...

From the very beginning, it was clear that MindHug should be much more than just a mental wellbeing platform, it needed to be a mental health innovation company, one that could deliver treatment wherever the newest research and evidence would take it.

Affordability and Quality powers us... 

That’s the mantra with live by to this day – providing a bridge between the world’s most innovative and impactful mental health & wellbeing treatments and the people who need them most. All at an affordable price point.

Because mental health should never be a premium purchase.

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Our Team

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Chitraj (Raj) Singh

Chief Executive Officer

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Dr. Thaddeus Cheung

(MBChB, MRCPsych)

Chief Medical Officer

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Chris Hart

(MBChB, MRCPsych)

Brand Experience Director

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Patrick Gahan


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Advisory Board

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Daria Illy

Board Member, Coach and businesswoman

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Dr. Mary-Clare Race

Psychologist, President, Chief Innovation Officer

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Dr. Teik Goh

GP, HealthTech Advisor

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Professor Hongji Yang

Academic, Scientist and Technologist

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Dr. Dumindu Witharana

Psychiatrist, Advisor

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Anniek Verholt

Therapeutic Arts Advisor and Author

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