Mental wellbeing and you

Because one size does not fit all. We help find what works best for your happiness and wellbeing. We do this by harnessing the familiarity of community and the power of digital.

MindHug Community

Explore your community

Find, book and experience a wide choice of beneficial therapies and activities in your community. We offer art therapy, music therapy, mindfulness, sound baths, breathing, pet therapy, drama therapy, yoga and nature walks.

Engage digitally

Subscribe to a variety of digital content, media, activities and therapies. From experiential art based activities to guided meditation to breathing exercises.

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MindHug Analytics

Maintain a mood diary and employ wellbeing analytics

Track lifestyle, sleep, diet, emotional health and your response to activities and therapies through our unique mood diary. Use our analytics to find what works best for you.

Book workshops and events

Book and attend bespoke workshops and retreats to help rejuvenate yourself. If you would like to talk to us about organising a workshop for your organisation or group, click the button below.

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MindHug Session

Experience free taster sessions

Attend free events to meet your community and try some therapies and activities.


We take the quality and credibility of our services and offerings very seriously.

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MindHug Safety


The safety and wellbeing of everyone is our number one priority.


You control your data and decide if, when and with whom you want to share it.

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