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Here at MindHug, we provide a unique range of mental wellbeing solutions that can be tailored to your personal needs. And we’re making them more accessible and affordable than ever before. Just subscribe and access our therapeutic content, or if you prefer, book a live session with one of our therapists.

Our Therapies

Our range of therapies are designed to explore different ways of improving mental health for different types of people. Some may prefer the inner peace of mindfulness, whilst others may prefer the ebb and flow of therapeutic art. With growing evidence to suggest their effectiveness, our therapists currently offer the following types of therapies:

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We’re excited to announce that our resources and therapists will soon be available on the go, through our MindHug app – so watch this space!


MindHug workshop attendee

“Having activities to try was a really good way to engage and understand how it can really help.”


- Becca Staple,  MindHug Moments attendee

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